Latest Version 5.00.82 - (released 6th November 2012)

Add-On products : Fantasy Cricket Manager & League Association Manager

What Is Top Score for Windows:

Top Score for Windows is probably the most comprehensive and easiest to use cricket statistics program currently available  and the program just got even better! The new Version 5 of TSfW allows reports to be exported in HTML format for publishing on the WWW using, if required, a user defined 'template' file to maintain the 'look and feel' of an existing website. Please read the 'FAQ's' and 'Tsfw.wri' file once the software is installed.

* Existing statistics records held in spreadsheets, databases and even other cricket statistics programs can now be incorporated in the TSfW statistics reports
* User-definable macros enable multiple statistics reports to be run from a single command
* Additional match data e.g. 15+sub or 16 players per side, umpires and scorers names etc.
* Additional fields for most of the statistics reports
* Additional events can be included in the Fantasy Cricket Ratings
* Positive or negative weightings can now be applied to all events in the Fantasy Cricket Ratings
* Batsmen's weaknesses can be analysed by recording exactly how they were out (e.g. Bowled, LBW, C & B, Ct - Slips etc.) * User-defined special events to record hat tricks, 6 x 6s in an over etc.

Running under Microsoft Windows on an IBM or compatible PC, Top Score for Windows enables you to compile the following statistics reports for your club, school or league with the minimum of effort:

Overall Summary
Record Partnerships
Batting Averages
Bowling Averages
Catches Summary
Run Outs Summary
Wicket Keeping Summary
Duck Cup
Fantasy Cricket Ratings
Captains' Summary
Match Review
Personal Review
Player's Points Summary

How Top Score Works:

With just a few mouse clicks or keystrokes, you can select which clubs, seasons, teams (1st, 2nd XI etc.), days (Sat, Sun etc.) and types of match (friendlies, one day / two day games, etc.) are included in the reports and even restrict the reports to matches against particular opposition(s) and/or matches played at particular ground(s). You can choose how the reports are sorted (by average, total runs, name etc.), specify a qualification criteria where appropriate (a minimum number of innings, runs etc.) and select what data appears in the reports (e.g. the number of innings, matches, total runs, highest score, average etc.). The resulting reports can be printed, viewed on screen or exported to other Windows applications (e.g. Spreadsheets, Word Processors, or Desk Top Publishing packages). If you need to print the same set of reports on a regular basis, you can set up a Macro to do this automatically from a single command.
Data entry involves copying the scores etc., from your score book into TSfW, extension validation checks will warn you of any inconsistencies as score books are not all 100% accurate!  It normally only takes around 5-10 minutes a match to enter the data by hand but matches scored using the Willow Cricket Scorebook   can be imported straight into TSfW in a few seconds. TSfW can also help with many of the tasks involved with the day-to-day running of a cricket club. Players’ names, addresses, telephone numbers and membership details can be held in the database and you can instruct the program to search through the database and, for example, print a list or a set of mailing labels for all the members who haven’t paid their subs. You can also produce player availability charts and rotas for teas, bar duties, working parties etc. to pin up on your notice board.

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Top Score : Add-Ons

League / Association Manager Latest Version 2.00.76 - (released 27th November 2012)

Matches entered via the LAM are stored in TSfW databases in a slightly different format and attempting to use these databases with older versions of TSfW and the FCM can cause the programs to crash so I strongly recommend that you download the latest versions.

The LAM stores detailed match data in TSfW databases and so a problem in the LAM could cause corruption of these databases. It is therefore VITAL that you back up all your existing TSfW databases BEFORE installing and using the LAM.

Download the exe file by clicking on the link below then shut down all other applications (including the small menu programs supplied with Microsoft Office) and run the downloaded <exe> file.

After the installation is complete, you will see a new League Manager  Start menu entry and can start the program by double clicking on the League Manager menu entry or icon.

Before starting to use the LAM, I suggest you read through the How to use League/Association Manager section of it's on-line help which (hopefully!) explains how the LAM works in conjunction with TSfW.

It would also be a good idea to check out the Read Me file (LEAGMAN.WRI) which contains details of the changes in the new version.

Then its just a matter of using the programs and reporting any queries, suggestions or problems to me by email at .

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Fantasy Cricket Manager  Latest Version 3.00.36 - (released 14th October 2012)

You may find it a bit of fun, and a way of raising some money for your club, to run a fantasy cricket league competition similar to those in various national newspapers and cricket magazines. The rules and scoring systems of these competitions vary but, in general, entrants select teams of 11 (or more) players and the winner is the person whose team accumulates the most points for their batting, bowling and fielding performances throughout the season.

Until now, running a fantasy cricket league competition for your club involved using: a word processor or DTP package to produce the entry forms, Top Score for Windows to generate the fantasy cricket ratings and a spreadsheet to calculate the team scores and produce league tables. The last task could prove quite time consuming as, unless you were an expert at using data lookup functions (which are only available in the more 'heavy-weight' spreadsheet programs), you had to transfer the individual players' ratings into the various teams by hand.

The Fantasy Cricket Manager add-on for Top Score for Windows looks after the whole process of running a Fantasy cricket league competition without the need for any other external programs. Please note that the Fantasy Cricket Manager will work with Top Score for Windows, V4.00.24 (or later) is necessary.

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